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Cleopatra was abandoned at the temple in a bucket along with her 5 brothers and sisters. Their eyes and ears were still closed and we had to hand feed them manually every few hours until they were old enough to feed themselves. Of all of them, only two survived. Her and her brother Ramses could not be more different. Cleo is a midget, she is short and chubby, while her brother is a giant. Cleo is extremely active, she plays along with all the other temple dogs all day long and is extremely happy when engaged with other dogs. Cleo has always been the strongest of all her siblings. She barely every get sick, she’s always healthy and happy. Cleo and her siblings were adopted one, but their owner abandoned them again at the temple within a few weeks. It was extremely sad to see her being a happy household dog, just to go back to temple life again. Cleo is a happy temple dog, she is definitely not a dog  is in dire need of a home, but she would be an amazing family dog if she was given the chance. She is playful and loving, a perfect dog for either an active person or family with a small child.

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