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Milly’s foot amputation fund

Milly’s foot amputation fund

€ 300

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€ 148 to go

Hello everyone,


It’s been quite some time since we have had to run a fundraising campaign since we have been extremely lucky in the past year and we have had no major incidents (touch wood).

We are now running this campaign to present to the case of a female dog that has been brought to our attention by a local expat. Despite the dog not being part of our Temple pack, we have decided to help her out anyway because of the severity of her state/injuries.  Milly is a stray who has been living all her life on one of the main roads around aonang; despite being very shy, she is friendly and will take food from the kind locals that visit her every now and again.

Milly’s condition was ok up until a short while ago, when she started losing weight considerably and then disappeared for a few days. When she was seen again, she was limping and looked severely malnourished. By the time we were made aware of her situation she had disappeared again, and when she was once again found she was missing a food. It is unclear what has caused this massive injury, but it was obvious that she needed immediate medical attention or she wouldn’t have survived more than a few more days on her own.

She was taken immediately to the vet, where a blood screening revealed a parasitic infection (which caused the sudden loss of weight). She was then scheduled for urgent surgery to remove the mangled up foot. The surgery was a success and she is now being kept under observation while the blood infection gets cleared up and her wound starts to heal.

The total for the surgery, meds, overnight stay, food, etc. sums up to about 12000THB (roughly 300EUR), which is a lot for the person who found her and asked for our help to shoulder alone, especially with his business being basically shut for the past 2 years due to COVID. We have offered to run a fundraising campaign to try and cover at least part of the costs, and committed to spare some of the temple funds to help him out, as well as assisting in looking for a home for Milly once she has fully recovered.

If anyone can help us out by donating however small of an amount, it would go a long way towards helping Milly and preserving our minimal temple funds, which have also been suffering during these past two years.

Thanks to everyone!



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