Adopt a Dog

A loving new addition to your family!

Adopting one of our Dogs as your new family member is a choice you will never regret. All our dogs are fully vaccinated and castrated/neutered; they are friendly and safe to be with, and all they really want in return is some love (and food).

Relocation might seem like an impossible ordeal, but it is actually much simpler than one might think. Documentation, timeframe, and costs vary greatly depending on each dog’s destination, as well as which airline the flight volunteer will fly with, and if the dog is flying alone or in a group.

We do not charge any adoption fees, but we would be extremely grateful if the adopting family could afford to cover all or part of the relocation costs. Having said so, we are ready to help you financially if need be. We are strong believers that money should not be what keeps a dog from his/her furever home, so we are more than happy to help you get your dog to you, and all we ask in return is a lifelong commitment to your new pet.


Local Adoption (within Thailand):

If you live in Krabi region or nearby, there will be no adoption cost and a drop-off can be organized if necessary.

If you live further away, but still within Thailand, domestic flights do not require any documentation and are very inexpensive, so delivering your new family member to you would be quick and easy. When flown, the only necessary costs will be:

Travel Crate: ~3-5.000THB
Domestic Flight: ~2-3.000THB 

Total Cost: ~5-8.000THB 


International Adoption:

If you live abroad, relocation can be more or less difficult depending on the destination country. Generally speaking, the USA is one of the easiest countries to fly to, Europe is slightly more time consuming, while Australia is tedious and generally not recommended.  Other countries might also have restrictive regulations regarding dog import, so a case by case discussion is necessary. Please do not hesitate to get in contact with us and we will provide you with all the necessary information. As a general guideline, the following are the estimated costs:

Microchip and Export Documentation: ~1.000THB
Rabies Titer Test (only for Europe, 3 months wait period required): ~8.000THB
Travel Crate: ~3-5.000THB 
Flight from Krabi to Bangkok: ~2-3.000THB
Handling & Export Permit: ~3.000THB
International Flight: ~4-12.000THB

Total Cost: ~11-29.000THB  / 500-900 EUR  /  360-800 USD

Please keep in mind that these prices are estimates and can fluctuate noticeably based on a number of factors. Please get in touch for a more accurate quotation.


Adopt don’t Shop

Countless stray dogs die every day. Meanwhile, “purebred” dogs are produced continuously in puppy mills, often in precarious conditions. Mothers are mistreated and used as baby machines, puppies are often unhealthy due to inbreeding and lack of social contact, resulting in a weakened immune system, proneness to disease and likeness of behavioral problems. Don’t support this awful industry. Adopt a stray, save a life.