Lola’s Relocation Funded!

As many of you might have only started following us recently, you might have not heard of Rick before.
Rick and his wife Angelika used to live in AoNang, up until last December when they were forced to move back to Europe due to new laws and prohibitive requirements for expats to stay in Thailand. During their stay in Thailand, they both were guardian angels to our temple dogs. They would come to check on them every day, cook for them every week, and help me out with whatever was needed to assure they had a happy and healthy life.
When they left, they made sure that we had enough money to buy a minivan in order to take them to the vet and back without being drenched in rain or cooking in the sun, as well as enough for food and medication for a while.
Now once again, they have stepped up and made sure that money wouldn’t be the factor keeping Lola from her forever home. They have sponsored her relocation completely, despite being facing hardships of their own.
Rick and Angelika are two of the most generous and selfless people that I have ever had the pleasure to meet. I could only wish that more people in this nasty world were more like them.
I’d like to thank Rick and Angelika from the bottom of my heart, and wish them all the good Karma in the world! (and luck playing the lottery)

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